Allen-Bradley 1756-L62



Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix Processor Module

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L62  is a ConmtrolLogix controller manufactured by Rockwell Automation which was discontinued in June of 2017. The 1756-L62 was effectively replaced by the 1756-L72 as the entire 1756-L62x line was replaced by the 1756-L72x. ControlLogix are very capable controllers and are commonly used in medium to large processes including factories and process automation applications. The ControlLogix controllers can handle up to 128,000 tags.
Like any other controller, the 1756-L62 requires a user to download a program to it. This is done via the RSLogix 5000 programming software. Licensing for that software is handled seperately. It is important to note that Series A controllers require 12.06.00 of RS Logix 5000 while the Series B controllers require at least 13.04.00. RSLinx is included as part of the RSLogix software suite and it is used to establish communications with the controller.
The controller is very flexible and supports communication with various HMIs, SCADA systems, DCS, OPC, and other 3rd party applications. This controller also supports inter-controller communication which is helpful when communicating between controllers.  The 1756-L62 has built in 4MB user memory and 478 KB of I/O memory. There is an optional non-volatile memory expanansion available in the form of a CompactFlash SD card by the catalog number 1784-CF128.
The Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 supports up to 32 tasks with up to 100 programs per tasks including tasks for all event triggers. The controller includes a RS-232 serial port which supports several communication protocols including: DH-485, DF1, Modbus, and ASCII. The controller supports many differnt communication and SCADA protocols including Remote I/O, ControlNET, SynchLink, EtherNet/IP, Data Highway+, and DevicNET.
The 1756-L62 supports up to a total of 250 simultaneous connections:
  • Up to 100 cnnections via ControlNET using the 1756-CN2/A module
  • Up to 40 connections via ControlNET using the 1756-CNB/D or the 1756-CNB/E modules
  • Up to 128 connections via ControlNET using the 1756-CN2/B module
  • Up to 256 via EtherNET/IP using 1756-EN2T or 1756-ENBT modules

The controller is compatibler with the following 1756 chassis:

  • 1756-A4
  • 1756-A7
  • 1756-A10
  • 1756-A13
  • 1756-A16

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

Rockwell Automation

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